Episode 20: Shitstorm

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

Now here’s a Carrie Bradshaw question for you: Are angry villagers the shitstorm of the analogue era? Or… is Carrie Bradshaw the wrong Carrie to talk about anyway?

Anyway, I found myself puzzled this weekend when stumbling over this trailer on a DVD. I have to admit, the trailer below is not the one raising questions for me. It just looks like a merely nice sunday afternoon slasher to me, when I see it.

BUT instead of the english trailer I caught the german trailer and this one claims not only that baseball is the hardest sport EVER and in the world, but also that this flick is the newest among the movies of the horror/baseball wave…

So… what happened there? Where did that wave go? Probably to Japan? I mean, Battlefield Baseball and then this here:

Seriously: I’m afraid I am missing out on those horror/sports hybrids. If you got ‚em, let me know ‚em.

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