Episode 26: Household Z

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

Look what we swept under the couch untill now: a new character. Ain’t he the cutest? This episode was actually one of the first we drafted in the early stage of finding our way to the comic. And of course we planned on having a cuddly-wuddly undead on the series. Are you kidding? Those corpses are bigger than Hello Kitty right now.

So, us spending last weekend at the first german Zombie and Walking Dead convention the InfeCtiON 2014, must seem like a big coincidence. Well, what can we say? For us it was mainly one thing: a blast! Michael Rooker was there, a lot of the undead and even more very nice people who bought our comics and asked for sketches… actually the crowd had Ingo doing almost 40 drawings this weekend. As mentioned before, we enjoyed it to the max, getting to know a lot of new fans and people. Among them were this here very nice, very beautiful couple from the states.

WP_20140216_008 Tara and Kyle were totally captivated watching Ingo’s skills and so they had him portray them as a zombified couple, while Christopher was shown a pic of their baby boy, almost one year of age, and asked to capture him as a zombie baby, as well. May he forever stay so cute as he is right now. Turns out Kyle is not only a huge and knowledgeable comic enthusiast but also an actor who starred in many of your and our favorites, among them being the legendary Veronica Mars series, Kevin Smith’s Red State and The Haunting in Connecticut. He also had a short-lived role in this series about the sheriff and the zombies… but more important, he and Tara for sure were the most relaxed and nicest couple of the event.

WP_20140216_013To conclude this post here’s one of the many Zombies Ingo put to paper this weekend. Regard the remarkable anatomic scaling. Oh, and if you want to catch more glimpses on us guys and other german comic artists, you’ll find a bunch of pics over at Zwerchfell Publishing and the Zombie Series Die Toten at facebook. Be sure to leave a like.

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