Episode 27: The slacking Dead

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

Hello mainstream audience, we’ve got Zombie! Finally! Can we have your attention now, please? Or will the critics bash us, calling us sellouts? Or will the same critics pat us on our shoulders, because we’re doing the noble and courageous thing putting a zombie in our series while they forecast the decline of the zombie phenomenon? What are we talking about here anyway? Is there anybody out there still scared by zombies? Seriously? According to the one with Brad Pitt in it you just have to take a few sick days and you’ll be safe from the dead adjusted. In your favorite tv show the talking living treat the walking dead thread like weeds, while they are far more busy keeping a feeble status quo alive. Of course you’re all just watching for some Nicotero porn, but are you really scared?

Be it as it may, there are still some zombie stories untold and in our opinion watching out for them is worth it. A truely original, dark and nasty one is told in Deadgirl.Here it’s only one undead girl, origin unknown and kept in chains in a cellar by a bunch of adolescent guys as their sex slave. Yeah, sounds bad. But it’s a well told comment on male sexual behaviour, fantasies and rape culture, which is a first to zombie cinema, which used to deliver just these uncomfortable comments on society going wrong. Therefore in our opinion Deadgirl is well worth checking out and even important to the quality of the horror genre. Don’t trust those kids on imdb commenting on this one. Seriously. Because in spite of us poking jokes here, horror is still a pretty serious genre.

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