Episode 30: The App

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

We’ll probably get sued pretty soon for using this title, cause actually we’d be really surprised if there wasn’t already a super-famous horror serial called the App in the making. It probably has premiered at SXSW or is getting kickstarted right now and soon we’ll get nice letters from lawyers, telling us to copy their letters and send them to 10 people we know… er… sorry, got distracted here a bit.

The thing with our webcomic is this: Once you’ve read it you must (MUST) return here every tuesday and then tell your neighbour’s tax consultant’s cousins about this great comic every other day of the week (except on weekends when you’ll be forced to pet 20 dogs from strangers on the street). If you DON’T do that…. well, you’ve probably got other stuff to do…. like… go to work. Or work on your relationship…. or do the dishes…. like, living a totally normal, ordinary live. Which obviously means: You’re already doomed! Face it!

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