Episode 36: Pawnshop Humour

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

Aaaah… that little break really did us good. We watched tons of romantic comedies horror classics to gather inspiration for the next and coming episodes and we’re also back in pretty good shape (which just took us another week at the gym and in the sauna to get rid of that allyoucaneat meals we took). But… we’re good to go and looking forward towards the coming Comic Salon (Germany’s biggest comic convention) in the bavarian village of Erlangen, where we not only will present the brand new issue of the zombie comic anthology DIE TOTEN, but also Ingo’s latest issue of MALCOLM MAX and a limited, handcrafted edition of my project THE COMPLETE PENIS.

Besides from all that, it’s about time we did something about found footage, don’t you think? In my opinion, V/H/S was the last and best contribution to that a little bit outworn and overrated sub-genre, because it really tried to stay true to the idea of an unedited recording which apruptly ends with a shocking scene. The other reason might be, that it’s not really that cool to wait a yawning 90 minutes untill this scene comes along, which most of the Found Footage movies expect you to do. The first V/H/S has you hold your breath for just about 15 minutes and that for 5 times. It’s brilliant. Please, don’t watch the sequel.

One of the directors contributing to that one was Joe Swanberg, whose movie Drinking Buddies just got me intrigued over the last few weeks. First I encountered the brilliant soundtrack and then of course wanted to see the movie: telling an adult love story about relationships and falling in love and drinking lots of beer… I can relate to that, seriously. After finally watching it, I have to admit, it’s a bit too close for comfort, but nonetheless a brilliantly acted and staged very real look at how adults do these things: carrying a relationship, falling in love, drinking beer… you might even say, a sober look. But that would be a bad pun on a great movie!

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