Episode 45: …qu’est-ce que c’est

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 28. Oktober, 2014

Can you recall what happened last time? Helmut left Phoebe after a spontaneous outburst of violence  right after he met an old acquaintance and killer-colleague Eddie Schröder…

…welcome back! We hope, you like our new design. Check out our new Storyline navigation. It’s perfect for getting into the strip or catching up, in case you haven’t paid us a visit for a longer while.

Also we are more than enthused to present us the song we announced last week: Our very own Survivor Girl theme song! Ingo and me are still totally surprised by this awesome track and how it came along. The track is a gift of our dear friend, fan and colleague KayDee, who we featured some while ago as a guest artist. She’s both the writer and the singer of this piece and she recorded it with her band Banshee Labyrinth. At the moment she’s also working on a comic for the german zombie comic DIE TOTEN, a story that was written for her by Christian Pasquariello, upcoming german filmmaker and genre genius! So, tune in and up to eleven!

Then of course there’s Halloween around the corner. You are surely pondering on what horror flicks to watch come friday. We recommend you stay at home and watch some VHS classics, otherwise you’ll find yourself going to the cinema and in the end will have to put up with Annabelle. Straight away: that movie is a bore. Pure moneymaking spin-off, if you ask us. Too bad, cause the story about Annabelle is quite scary and if you happened to see the worth-your-while The Conjuring you already met that doll.

annabelleSeriously… if you compare the movie Annabelle to the real one, I really wonder why they didn’t use the original looks of that satanic doll. Oh no, wait, let’s make her a doll that says evil and scary from the get go, so everyone will know what to expect. Lame! Just imagine this cute, innocent looking puffyfluffy of a doll being on first name terms with satan and frolicking around in your bedroom… now that’s scary! And you know what? We’ve already seen it. On film. To be precise, in Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners.

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-21h06m17s156Now take a look. Here’s Lucy Lynskey (Trini Alvarado), protagonist of the Frighteners, snuggling up after work and who’s next to her? Her favorite doll, obviously… see the resemblance? Next, the Lynskeys bedroom furniture will go amok and they suspect to have a Poltergeist.

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-21h07m37s155The bed is rocking, the elvis statue is floating in the air… the Lynskeys run for cover… and then something’s tugging at Lucy’s pyjamas.

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-21h24m04s96Well, there she is: Annabelle! Check out the eyes, the nose and the lips. If not for size, the style of her hair and the lashes… this is clearly a reference.

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-21h25m00s87In this case, Annabelle is not really possessed but merely played with by the friendly and kinda dorky ghosts Cyrus and Stuart (who of course are not to be seen by the Lynskeys and us in this scene).

vlcsnap-2014-10-27-21h25m53s133And this is how Annabelle’s cameo in The Frighteners ends: she’s pillowed to death. That’s the right way to get rid of nasty, devil puppets. So, anyone telling us, Annabelle being scary… we don’t think so!

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