No Joke today

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 27. Oktober, 2014

That’s cause we’re really in for a little time out. So please imagine me and Ingo sipping on happy-coloured drinks, wasting away at the beach and spending our nights in bars and discotheques swallowing dull-coloured drinks and requesting the dj to put on „Macarena“ for the fifth time.

But don’t worry, the next few weeks we have a couple of very talented webcomic-artists from Germany taking over for us. So, tune in next tuesday, again.

Or are you up and ready for a little vacation yourself? Why not take a trip down to Mexico? They have some lovely mountain regions down there, and when you come back you won’t be the same anymore. Or at least that’s what happens in Ahí va el diablo, the movie we recommend to watch this week. It’s a weirdly anachronistic exploitation drama, filled with disturbing psychedelic inserts and an almost poetic tension. We loved it! So, check out the trailer.

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