Episode 49: UnPsycho

Veröffentlicht von Christopher Tauber am 25. November, 2014

Maybe it’s much safer to share your flat with a critic slash hobby analyst than with a retired serial killer… especially, when his former colleagues surprisingly pay you an unfriendly and unexpected visit.

As for today’s recommandation on which films to look out for, we don’t give a flying monkey about what Georginio would think about it. Unfortunately for you, dearest readers of international languages, it’s not only a german movie but even scarier: a bavarian DIY project…. we really pity everyone of you, not able to understand it, because it’s the most hillarious thing we’ve seen since those other people from bavaria released their alien-zombie-heimatfilm ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE.

But since you are already spending time reading our apologies why not have a look at the trailer for MOOR MONSTER. As you will notice, it’s a movie about a swamp thing, bavarians with fake beards, girls with big breast and… well, you’ll figure it out. If by any chance you get ahold of this, watch it. Best, with a translator, lots of german speaking friends and lots of german beer!