Episode 48: One of the guys

Veröffentlicht von Christopher Tauber am 18. November, 2014

Over the last weekend Ingo and me have been to europe’s biggest horror fan convention The Weekend of Horrors in Oberhausen, Germany. We joined the booth of Zwerchfell, fine independent comics publisher of Germany’s greatest zombie series DIE TOTEN and other cute stuff. We, especially Ingo, did tons of sketches, signatures and portraits of a few hundred of the thousands of guests and cosplaysers. We also were accompanied by our friend and colleague KayDee and Lea, who starred in Christophers Horror meditation video ZEN, which we burned on DVD (but you can also see it on youtube). Lea also has a great project worth checking out, called HIPSTER FANGIRL FASHION… you probably will get what it’s about by the title alone. If not, as always, we have all the links directing you to further knowledge to your left. We leave you with some impressions from the festival and hope to see you there next year and here next week. 🙂

Lea, KayDee und ... Ingo natürlich

Lea, KayDee and… Ingo of course

Und auch diese Braut wäre nicht nur was für Frankenstein

To call this masterpiece Ingo did in a few minutes  a sketch would not be right

Dieser Karl Valentin Untote war eins der gezeichneten Highlights von Ingo

We call this one our Karl Valentin of Zombies

Ingo hat mit seinem Goth Peter Lustig Cosplay leider nicht gewonnen

One got red on him, the other got wood

One got red on him, the other got wood

Damenbild mit Gruppe

The whole gang

Unsere Cosplay Gewinner der Herzen!

West, Ash, Fester!


Die Gewinner des Zombie Contests

Some Zombies straight out of Bushwick, Brooklyn it seems

Ein weiteres Glanzstück des Herrn Römling

What're you gonna do? Bleed on me?

What’re you gonna do? Bleed on me?

Lea, Ingo und KayDee... und der abgedeckte Stand

The Gang

Stephan von der Zombie Apokalypse

Die hippsten Untoten kamen diesmal aus der Schweiz

Hip, undead and swiss

Nebenfiguren aus The Walking Dead sind uns die liebsten! Rick kann ja jeder.

We like The Walking Dead… we just don’t like Carl! and Rick… and the dude with the crossbow…. and….

Ingo zeichnet Zombies wie kein zweiter

Another one of Ingo’s zombies for a guy called Wolf. Good name, friend!

Ingo und Lea präsentieren unseren Stand... letzterer nicht im Bild

Ingo and Lea presenting our booth (not pictured… clever, ain’t it?)