Episode 57: Friends

Veröffentlicht von Christopher Tauber am 20. Januar, 2015

Next to family, friendship can easily be regarded as an important resort of safety and solace in the horror genre. That said, they are not always to be trusted as such, but they still offer more chance for survival than sex and drug abuse. Well, if it wasn’t for the violent shit, horror might be a pretty dull affair.

Speaking of „not to be trusted“: please take a look at this year’s german The Walking Dead convention… and you will find, the stars they announce are total nobodies we (you and us) never ever heard of! Okay, there’s this one has-been-important character, but he’S dead now! You will also find, that the real stars, again, remain unannounced: of course we’re speaking about us, Ingo and me. But trust us! We will be there, signing and maybe singing and if you want to take a picture with us, it won’t cost a thing. Bonus: we still haven’t died in that said tv show.