Episode 65: Punchline

Veröffentlicht von Christopher Tauber am 31. Oktober, 2015

And we’re back! It’s true, it’s been awfully quiet around here this year. That’s mainly because it’s been a very busy year for us. Christopher finished a graphic novel, his first in years, and Ingo got discovered by a certain Walt Disney and his company and he’s now in total demand of drawing a series called Star Wars, which is worth checking out, too ;). Besides that he is also finishing his third comic for the Malcolm Max series and there’s even more on his table.

Which brings us to the actual news: We decided to expand our little workshop here and are more than happy to have found a new artist in Kim Liersch! Here we present you her first take on Phoebe and Helmut and come Tuesday we will start the new storyline with her first Survivor Girl strip and more info about her. Already we are more than happy, to welcome her on board!

Phoebe und Helmut erstmals von Kim Liersch gezeichnet

Phoebe und Helmut erstmals von Kim Liersch gezeichnet

If you are still wondering what scary movie to watch for today’s festivity, we recommend HELLIONS, definitely our HALLOWEEN movie of the year. And what a tricky treat it is, served by none other than Bruce MacDonald, who spoiled us since HARD CORE LOGO and PONTYPOOL with great movies. HELLIONS is very dark and gritty and is a true reminiscence to 70ies psychedelic cinema. If we were asked to compare HELLIONs to modern day cinema it would be next to A FIELD IN ENGLAND and BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO.

So: Happy Halloween!!!