Episode 66: Double Feature

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 3. November, 2015

From here on in, we’ll be back posting updates every Tuesday. And today we also introduce Kim as our new artist, taking over from Ingo. As fate (or the script) has it, today’s episode is a joint venture of both artists. The upper strip was drawn by Kim, while the lower one was done by Ingo and originally planned as episode 44, but got canned in the writing process. We’re glad to pick it up for the new storyline, because we still think it’s fun and silly.

Our “we think you should watch this movie” part today goes out to the gory and glorious DEATHGASM. It’s old school in every aspect but original to the max and we hail director Jason Lei Howden for embarking to the dark waters of Heavy Metal Horror movies. You can tell that the New Zealander is not only a big fan of good old handmade splatter effects and horror comedies but also a real metal head, and we thank him for hilarious 90 minutes and introducing us to unknown metal bands from down under via the soundtrack. Go check out DEATHGASM!


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