Episode 67: Tea Time

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 10. November, 2015

On we go by looking back, what happened to Helmut and why he has been missing for most parts of the last storyline. This here is the first episode completely illustrated by Kim. And if you think, that she’s doing a great job, just you wait for what we will serve you come Tuesday…
Looking back on the last weekend, our author Christopher did spend some wonderful days amongst the horror fan crowd at the Weekend of Horrors convention. And though his movie loot includes weird gems like this one, returning home he had to rewatch Day of the Dead, due to buying an awesome poster for that movie, created by the already legendary Tom Hodge – aka The Dude Designs. Good call on the organizers for inviting an illustrator to their convention. That doesn’t happen too often and it’s worth a shout out!
Back to Day of the Dead: This movie is sadly overshadowed by Night and Dawn of the Dead. Undeserved, as we think, for the third installment of the original Romero trilogy is by far the most serious, bleakest and nihilistic one. It delivers great effects as well as the sharpest form of social commentary, Romero might have come up with in his entire film making career, all without blurring it with attempts at humor or comic relief (well, there’s one scene, but it’s easy to overlook). And it delivers some real interpersonal drama and a true feminist role model as a heroine, without shaping it by genre standards. On top of all that you have the first likeable zombie, if there ever was one, a zombie with a persona: Bub. He’s also making a lovely appearance in the great original trailer. So, we think, for its 30th anniversary, it’s time to revisit Day of the Dead and appreciate it as a movie that in our opinion stood the test of time!




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