Episode 70: Helmuts Nightmare (3)

Veröffentlicht am von Christopher Tauber am 1. Dezember, 2015

You probably can guess who’s recognizing Helmut in the last panel. And if you take a close enough look, you’ll also see a few familiar faces among the tortured patients.

If you’re into watching tv shows, you can also meet some familiar faces these days: There’s Jamie Lee Curtis in SCREAM QUEENS and Bruce Campbell in ASH VS EVIL DEAD. Especially EVIL DEAD is a fine example of a great film-into-tv-show adaptation. Campbell delivers in every scene and it’s obvious once more that (besides his portray of an old Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep) the role of Ash is his lifetime masterpiece. And the show itself delivers, too: it’s filled with fun over the top splatter and stays close enough to the spirit of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, especially latter ones humour. The last episode was the best so far (Shoot first! Think never!) and makes it easy to look forward to next weeks episode. With SCREAM QUEENS it’s not that easy. Though it had a decent start it kind of feels like the writers are stuck in place. SQ is great in making fun of the clichés of the slasher on campus genre, but plotwise it seems to go nowhere. I doubt that the slasher genre itself is suitable to be remade in a tv-series. Let’s be honest, if you stick too close to the originals this time, the originals themselves aren’t too clever and deep to make an ongoing series-pot out of it. But maybe I should give SCREAM a try and hope it proves me wrong.

To watch this week: How about a nice dinner conversation with Bruce, Roger Corman, Rob Zombie and Faizon Love?

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